The church began under the leading of the late Bishop James Booth Burress, he went about from house to    house in prayer. From there a tent was put up and a few were saved. He purchased a little garage in December    1925, which was not big enough for a truck to go in and Bishop Burress began to pastor. It was here that the    church really got its start. In the early stage of the church, it was having its difficulty as any church would have in    its infancy. It met with many oppositions and challenges. Many prophesied that the church wouldn’t last long    with the new doctrine it taught. Times were bad for there was a depression. It was faith that inspired and God    added daily to the church such as should be saved.

   In June 1938, Elder Burress went to McRoberts, Kentucky and was connected with the Church of God Militant    Pillar Ground of the Truth, under Bishop and Mother Walker. He was honored with the title of Bishop at this time.    The Lord blessed in 1947 with the erection of an apartment building adjacent to the church. The church was    doing fine now and things seemed to be established. Then one dark night in May 1948, the little wooden church    which everyone had come to love, mysteriously burned down. All that was left of this little tar paper church as    the news commentator Tom McCarthy called it, “was 12 bibles that didn’t burn, only the paper edges were    scorched.  The saints went to work to raise money for a new church. They worked and prayed as friends worked    with them. In 1951, only two years after the fire, the basement was ready for service and was dedicated by    Bishop and Mother Walker. But the saints worked on for the auditorium which was completed in 1959. What a    joy and a blessing to see a vision come to pass, as the Lord hath promised to build a house for the name of the    Lord God. In August 1973, Bishop Burress passed away, but not until he saw his vision come to pass.